Repainting the home improves curb appeal and adds to the property value. It is a simple and cost-effective home improvement project that gives the entire space a new and fresh look. Applying fresh paint on the walls, whether of the same or different color, needs some preparation. Painting surfaces without proper surface preparation results in inferior quality or failed painting jobs. It is one of the biggest mistakes several homeowners make while painting their homes, resulting in the need for a new paint job sooner than later.

Paint stripping or paint removal is a method to prepare any surface for a fresh coat of paint. It is a highly recommended step in the painting process by painting experts. Surface preparation is essential before a new paint coat is applied to help it adhere properly. Paint stripping is challenging, tempting several homeowners to skip this crucial process entirely, only to regret the decision later. It is especially essential for older homes or surfaces with multiple layers of old paint. Some popular paint stripping options include using chemicals, pressure washer, sanding using hands and a scraping tool, and sandblasting,

Let us look at some key benefits of paint stripping:

A smooth painting surface

Painting over a smooth and even surface is a simple and less time-consuming task. The paint holds better and provides an even appearance. Also, applying a fresh coat after paint stripping provides an opaque finish with fewer coats. It is beneficial as it saves both time and money.

Corrects the flaws of the past paint job

Several homeowners use paint stripping as a means to rectify a poorly done previous paint job. Removing the unevenly applied, faded, or worn-out old paint first before applying the new coat offers a uniformed and polished look.

Provides a cleaner surface

Painting over dirty and unclean surfaces alters the paint color and texture. Paint stripping ensures a clean and dirt and debris-free base to paint on. It removes all the imperfections to pave the way for a paint job with a better finish. There are several paint stripping methods to choose from, and a professional can decide on the best option depending on the surface that requires stripping.

Gets rid of lead-based paint

The presence of lead is a possibility in older homes. It was once an essential home paint component. Get a testing kit to check the paint for lead existence. If found, hire a professional paint stripping professional to get rid of it in the safest possible manner. Lead is poisonous, and homeowners should not try to remove it themselves.

Avoids issues associated with repainting over old paint

Professionals suggest paint stripping to avoid issues that come up because of applying fresh paint over the old paint. Chipping, bubbling, and peeling paint are a few painting issues homeowners experience when they repaint without stripping. The newly coated paint will start to develop problems quickly and may need repainting much before its expected lifespan.

Hire professionals for paint stripping

Several people choose to strip the old paint themselves instead of hiring professionals. Paint stripping is more beneficial when done by professional painters as they ensure it is carried out safely and effectively for a better-quality paint job. Also, the process may involve using chemicals, which can be hazardous when not handled properly. Paint in old homes may contain lead, which should be removed safely and disposed of cautiously. Only experienced professionals should perform this task.

Paint stripping is the key to a high-quality interior and exterior paint job. However, the process is challenging and tedious, especially for larger paint projects. Hire the right professionals to ensure the old paint is stripped efficiently to lay the foundation for a long-lasting, even, and flawless new paint coat.

This article is written by Mark Savino, founder of Mark’s Painting- top rated painting company in Tampa