ABC Painting and Textures is your premiere team of professional finish carpentry contractors in Denver, CO.

Professional Finish Carpentry in Denver, CO

ABC Painting and Textures is a residential and commercial remodeling company in Denver, CO. Our customers come to us because they’re tired of paying high prices for mediocre results. When you work with ABC Painting and Textures, you can expect a professional finish carpenter who will listen to your ideas and concerns.

Our goal is to provide you with the best service in the Denver, CO, area. We have a team of certified carpenters who have years of experience improving the look and feel of your structure. They’ll work closely with you to solve any problems or concerns that you may have.

We’re confident that you will be satisfied with the results of our work!

What is Finish Carpentry?

When it comes to any remodeling project, finish carpentry is the process of applying the last touches to your building’s woodwork. This process is particular to your location’s style and architectural features.

Finish carpenters can add or remove elements to your building’s woodwork, such as moldings, baseboards, crown molding, doors, cabinets, and trim.

Finish carpenters are also very knowledgeable about the products available on the market today. They can match your style and design with the best products available. This allows them to give your residential or commercial location a custom look and feel.

Interior Finish Carpentry and Exterior Finish Carpentry: What’s the Difference?

The interior and exterior finish carpentry services provided by ABC Painting and Textures are very different.

  • =Interior finish carpentry is done inside the building. This includes items such as the trim work, crown moldings, and baseboards.
  • =Exterior finish carpentry is done outside of the building. It includes the exterior walls, doors, windows, and trim.

Both interior and exterior finish carpentry are essential when it comes to remodeling your space. If you want to give your space a new look and feel, you need to hire a professional finish carpenter.

What to Expect
When You Hire a Finish Carpentry Contractor

When you hire a finish carpenter, you can expect to meet with them to discuss your remodeling project. You can also expect to receive a written estimate for the project, which will include all the costs, materials, and time needed to complete the project.

Once the contract has been signed, the finish carpenter will start the project and complete it before the contract period is over.

Interior and Exterior Finish Carpentry Services in Denver, CO

At ABC Painting and Textures, we use unique methods to achieve the distinctive look and feel expected from a seasoned finishing carpentry contractor in Denver, CO.

When it comes to your desired design, you don’t want to skip the small stuff. Our interior and exterior finish carpenters will help you with the finishing touches that will make your location unique.

Our carpenters are well-versed in your home or building’s unique features. They’ll help you pick out the best products and finishes to achieve the distinctive look that you would expect from an experienced interior finishing carpentry contractor in Denver, CO.

We only use the best products for the final touches, and we’re sure that you’ll love the results.

At ABC Painting and Textures, we’re proud of our reputation for quality work, and we’re happy to provide you with a warranty on all the products and services we provide.

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ABC Painting and Textures: Professional Finish Carpentry You Can Rely On

ABC Painting and Textures is the best choice for professional finish carpentry in Denver, CO.

We have decades of experience with all types of woodwork, and we are committed to providing you with quality workmanship that will last. Our team has the skill set required to complete any project from start to finish – on time and within budget.

Need help with finalizing your project? Then contact our team of professional finish carpenters today!


What Our Clients are Saying

Ben and his team were referred to us by a friend. The estimate was promptly scheduled as was our exterior trim painting and interior bedroom painting work. Colors were matched great and work was done on schedule! Very reasonable estimate and easy to communicate with Ben and his team. Finished work looks great! I would definitely work with ABC Painting in the future. Thanks!

Jesse R.

Our office Contacted ABC Painting and texture for some minor repairs to the office and we will be going with them to do our painting as well. They were on time and they did an amazing job and they Even came back to double check their work. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Amanda F.

By far the most honest, detailed and professional contractor I have ever worked for. A fantastic opportunity for new journeyman painters and drywallers. An absolute solid workforce. Easy 5 stars

Augustino C.

Ben and the crew at ABC did a great job fixing the drywall that another company had installed poorly. ABC did the fix faster, better and under the budget that I had expected. All my questions and concerns were addressed personally by Ben and taken care of quickly. I plan on using ABC for my future needs in regards to paint, texturing and drywall repair. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Chad M.

Ben and his crew went above and beyond to fix both my drive and Garage floor. They were prompt and did excellent work. Not only was Ben and his guys thoughtful and craftsmen like, but it was a pleasure working with them and they made a hard job look effortless and well as bantered back and forth while doing the work...hope to have more work for them in the future and will be referring business to them.

Dan K.

Ben cared. His helpers were awesome. They listened and completed the project in a timely manner. Highly recommend. Will use them again. Thank you guys!

Tami J.